Have you noticed how much you’ve changed since you were a kid, and how your definition of what makes you happy or successful has changed from then to your 20’s or 30’s or even your 40’s or 50’s?

I used to think when I was in high school that $18,000 a year would be all I needed to live a happy, well-rounded life. By the time I graduated from college, it was $25,000.

In my 20’s and 30’s there were certain things I never ever considered. Like buying an appetizer at a restaurant. It just wasn’t done…well, certainly not by me anyway.

It’s funny when you think about your former you, your younger you and your earlier goals and what you thought was great, or what you would never have thought to do (potato skins, anyone?).

We have a lot of goals that are already made for us — goals like:

✔  Finish high school
✔ Graduate from college
✔ Get married
✔ Start a family
✔ Get a great-paying job
✔ Buy a house
✔ Start your retirement account
✔ Raise smart, caring children

By the time we’ve done all that, we’ve checked a lot of boxes. If you accomplished all that, you could rightfully say you have a good life.

But what if there was something else in there that you wanted? Maybe it was to open a small bed and breakfast in Ireland or visit China or start a blog?

The accomplishments listed above are nothing to scoff at — but they’re the things we’re supposed to do, what is expected of us.

What about the things that we only dare to want, that we withhold in a secret little spot inside ourselves and never let out into the light of day?

What about those personal goals and things that you want to do that you don’t tell anyone because your friends and family would think you’d lost your mind?

Do you honor those things as much as the house payment you’ve dutifully made, along with the school lunches and bags of men’s underwear you bought or the utility bill you send in well in advance of the due by date?

If you don’t, then this is going to feel uncomfortable.

In truth, what exactly is wrong with us that we ignore those heart-felt desires? Why do we do that to ourselves as we restock the pantry with mayonnaise and oatmeal?

I’ll be blunt. It’s because it’s easier to follow the well-worn path of what we should do, what we’re expected to do, and what others expect us to do. In fact, it’s a lot easier and more comfortable and we’re not to blame because we’re just doing what’s expected of us.

We do it because it’s easier to live up to others’ expectations than it is to go after what we want, or what we think defines success for ourselves. We get to rationalize why we don’t do “crazy” things rather than go after what we want and what would make us happy.

We bargain away our lives with the very things that define our ideas of success, happiness, and fulfillment for ourselves.

We do all those expected things and then wake up one day wondering what happened, where did our life go?

It’s not an easy habit to decide for ourselves what we want. We fear we’ll look foolish. We fear failing. We’ve been so successful living up to those bullet points above that to follow our dreams puts us on the line.

But then, we’ll never know if we can do it or not by hiding our dreams away like they’re dirty, crazy…or wrong.

If you’ve been settling only for those bullet points, and not living to see any of your goals come to life, are you really living? Or are you just marching in the same worn rut you’ve always been in — the rut of others’ expectations of us?

Here’s what I know for sure: my crazy dream was to start my feng shui business and if I hadn’t, I would have been a hollow person.

I would have felt empty, drained and incomplete. But I embraced my crazy and did it any way. In a small town in South Texas, in a cow pasture, in 2001, a month before 9/11 and after the tech sector meltdown, real estate bubble, and basically everything else that could go wrong that went wrong.

What did I hear from family and friends?

    Can you DO that in (insert name of small town)?

    Is this a good time to start this kind of business?

    Are you going to leave Tim to look after the house and kids while you’re going away for training? You know he has a broken leg.

    Will people really pay you for feng shui?

The ones who didn’t ask those questions gave me a pitiful look with a “Of course you are” patronizing glance on their face. Oh, you know the look. And someone said my business idea was crazy.

Well, look at me now. Still crazy after all these years.

The Red Lotus Master Consultant Course (MCC) is this September 14-16, 2017 in Austin, Texas — the city whose official motto is “Keep Austin Weird.”

If you’re afraid of being called crazy — or just looked at that way — I’m here to tell you that you’ll be in good company. Hell, you’ll be in a room full of crazy that looks a lot like you. That feels the way you do. And it will be one of the most rewarding times you’ll ever have.

Why? Because you honored something in yourself: your dreams.

Yes, it will be honoring your goals, your ideas and desire for yourself (not anyone else’s), and it will feel great.

I’d love for you to sign up for the MCC now, before May 9th when the Early Bird Rate goes away and so does $500 in savings.

Earlybird Pricing Ends Soon!

You can feel good if you’ve checked off all those bullet points above. But can you feel good if you don’t do that thing you most want to do that’s only for you, only for your dreams, and that does nothing for anyone else but YOU?

And if you don’t, my question is this…. why aren’t you good enough, all by yourself, to do this just for yourself? But then, that’s another conference altogether.

Come join a lot of other crazy, but fulfilled women, and come to the MCC this September.

You’ll fit right in. I’ll train you on everything you need to know to be a certified feng shui consultant AND start your feng shui business. You’ll get all my resources that I personally use. I’ll even give you the MCC 2014 course materials to study beforehand so once September rolls around, you’re ready to go!

The only thing that’s up to you and your dream is to sign up and show up.

Here’s the link, and here’s to YOU!


Sending you chi and crackers,

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