“I started dreaming about becoming a feng shui consultant in 2007. In the eight years that passed I had excelled in my regular 9-5 career but had only managed to choose a business name for my true love of practicing feng shui. That all changed when I attended the 2014 MCC and got to know Katie Weber.

That was the moment I decided I would NOT let another year go by without investing in myself.

By joining Katie’s 6 Figure Feng Shui Coaching Club I knew I would be exhilarating a long term dream. In less than three months and Katie’s encouragement and wealth of experience, I am proud to say I now have a fully formed and up and running feng shui business.

Katie has been an amazing motivator and I know she’s the driving force behind the energy keeping me moving forward. I now know what it is to NOT just dream but to be living what I love!”

– Mariah KleinSuisun City, California

“I struggled for a few days trying to decide if I was ready for a commitment of this magnitude and then…I just jumped in! As the days progressed, the MCC training program was so in-depth with amazing and necessary information, I was given a huge note book containing any and all tools needed to become a knowledgeable and expert feng shui consultant, used our own house plans as our first consulting client,  divided into groups to do a Competition Case Study, enjoyed a marvelous guest speaker, were treated to a wonderful last night celebration dinner and our Master Consultant Certificates. WOW! Does this sound like a lot? It is.

The MCC is  intense but the energy in the class room was so amazingly strong, fun, positive and upbeat — plus with Katie being such an energetic speaker/teacher, I came away with renewed strength and determination. Not only did I absorb the energy from this amazing group I also met some very special friends.

Although I came into this class with much anxiety and reluctance, after 3 full days of being totally surrounded by relaxing yet intense Feng Shui energy, I walked away with a relieved smile of satisfaction and a zest for another phase of my life. To my amazement, my energy level increased and opportunities began opening for both of us! So if you ask me, what has changed since attending the MCC? My answer is “MY LIFE.” If you’re considering whether or not to attend a master class when offered, please stop considering and just make the plans and go! Whatever your needs are, this class will show you how to open the door and allow this great energy to work in your life.”

– Regena G. BaconGoodyear, Arizona

“When I first met Katie I had just started my own company. I believed Feng Shui is something that worked but didn’t have the tools to put it correctly into action. Taking Katie’s class ended up offering me much more than I had originally envisioned! Katie has a clear understanding and well developed strategy of teaching people how to become Feng Shui consultants. Not only did I get a complete education of Feng Shui but she incorporated a wealth of knowledge about starting your own business!

She provided insight on business best practices and the details needed to make that start-up happen. Her class included commonly used forms (as well as helpful samples), reviewed the dynamics of the consultation professional, and supplied blueprints which have been golden for me personally! I have been able to reference these items whenever needed and then change them to fit my own personal style as needed.

Katie is a brilliant, warm and caring person that shares her expertise freely. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in starting their own Feng Shui Consultant practice as well as anyone wanting to compliment the current business they are in. Both my business and home life have flourished as a direct result of her teachings.”

Times attended MCC: 4

– Julie SmithCertified Photo Organizer, Feng Shui Master Consultant. Burbank, California

“I enrolled in the 2013 AND 2014 Red Lotus Master Consultant Course and it was one of the BEST PROGRAMS that I have participated in. I learned so much — and I now feel that my consults are thorough and complete. I even invested in a Luo Pan and it’s absolutely a fabulous tool.

Looking back — I should have started with a traditional feng shui program — it’s precise and on target for doing feng shui consultations. Perhaps best of all, Katie has been available to answer any questions or challenges that you might face after completing her program. She’s an incredible instructor and the program is worth every penny. The program is well organized – fun – intense and challenging.”

Times attended MCC: 4

– Marianne KaplanFeng Shui Master Consultant. Chicago, Illinois

“When I started my feng shui business, I was lost, frankly. I had spent a lot of time and energy going to classes but once I got out of those classes, I had no idea where to begin. Enter Katie and the Red Lotus Master Consultant Conference (MCC).

I had hired Katie as a coach because when I finished a year of feng shui training, I was completely lost about how to get started. She told me exactly what I needed to do as a feng shui consultant to start my business, but she also suggested I come to her training conference.

After having gone through a full year of training, I wasn’t really sure if I need more training, but the MCC was just what I needed. The MCC was full of people just like me who were ready to take their feng shui knowledge and put it into a business. I learned so much in three days of the MCC that months in a class never prepared me for!

Best of all, Katie supports you. She supports you with information (the binder is HUGE and has a TON of examples, resources, and help), with practice (she makes you work at the conference!), and with community that’s so warm, diverse and accepting (she invites you to join a Facebook group where you have great people to connect and share with). She’s a dynamic speaker, covers all the topics, and makes the MCC so much fun and full of surprises. I’ve joined her private coaching group too. That’s how much I got out of Katie’s coaching and the MCC. If you’ve been lost and wavered about training, stop waiting and join us.”

– Susan MontalbanoHuntington, NY