“When you sign up for the Red Lotus Master Consultant Course, you not only receive in-depth training, you also receive all the supporting documentation and templates on disk. This mean I could just ‘plug and play’ when I got home. Not having to create consulting forms from scratch or figure out how to do things all on my own is a huge bonus.

I was also impressed by Katie. She’s a fun presenter who really cares that her students get the information correct.

As a long time Feng Shui follower  and student,  Katie not only clarified a lot of information for me but also confirmed a lot more that I was uncertain about. Because of the MCC training, I was able to confidently come back and raise my prices and apply my new information immediately. Oh, and that there was wine too – that’s always a nice perk!”

– Cheryl HunterCalgary, Alberta Canada

“I thought I’d learned it all as a student of feng shui the past 20 years, but no one spells it out like Katie. Her feng shui explanations are clear and her delivery of the ‘mystical eastern’ science (which is how I see it) is in plain (Texan ) English. Classes are structured and informal; everyone is interesting and interested in each other personally as well as feng shui.

When you receive your lou pan you’ll be amazed at the power it exudes, it is a very personal instrument and when you apply it for clients it has a mesmerizing effect on all who view it. Take the leap of feng shui faith and follow the path of a truly inspirational experience!”

Times attended MCC: 4

– Lynda Mistry

“Katie makes me think of my dad when I was learning to ride a bike as a kid. I knew he was right there, either holding up my bike or running beside me and finally letting go as I learn to ride away by myself. I could hear his encouraging words and I was so excited to finally be able to ride!

Right now, I’m embarking on a new career and business in feng shui and Katie’s right there beside me, encouraging me and helping me until the day comes when I’m ready to ride off on my own. Having Katie as a teacher and a mentor who openly shares her knowledge and details and advice, helps me build my experience and confidence. She’ll be there for you, too.”

Times attended MCC: 3

– Carol Roscoe

“Katie not only taught feng shui in an easy to understand way, much like her online weekly ezine, she also taught us how to work as a consultant…the do’s and don’ts of working with the public, how to lay out a consultation report…I can guarantee you, my clients would not pay $288 an hour for my services if I was self-trained from the Internet. Having Katie’s certification is worth about $287 of every hour I am paid for consults.”

– Lynn Bowling RatliffMorrow, Ohio

“If you’ve ever had the chance to meet your role model, you know how incredible it can be. For me, my role model was Katie. I’ve studied feng shui for two years in Norway and it was time to attend the MCC so I could learn how to run my feng shui business, and I wanted to learn from Katie.

It was a big step to travel from half way around the world, but after attending the MCC I am so much more confident about my abilities in feng shui and as an entrepreneur. The class just lifts you up with the great people, the positive atmosphere and the amazing surprises.

Best of all, I’m working in feng shui. I’ve even given classes and been paid for them! You can do this too.

I came all the way from Norway. If I can do this, then what’s stopping YOU?”

– Zandra NorumJessheim, Norway