“I struggled for a few days trying to decide if I was ready for a commitment of this magnitude and then…I just jumped in! As the days progressed, the MCC training program was so in-depth with amazing and necessary information, I was given a huge note book containing any and all tools needed to become a knowledgeable and expert feng shui consultant, used our own house plans as our first consulting client,  divided into groups to do a Competition Case Study, enjoyed a marvelous guest speaker, were treated to a wonderful last night celebration dinner and our Master Consultant Certificates. WOW! Does this sound like a lot? It is.

The MCC is  intense but the energy in the class room was so amazingly strong, fun, positive and upbeat — plus with Katie being such an energetic speaker/teacher, I came away with renewed strength and determination. Not only did I absorb the energy from this amazing group I also met some very special friends.

Although I came into this class with much anxiety and reluctance, after 3 full days of being totally surrounded by relaxing yet intense Feng Shui energy, I walked away with a relieved smile of satisfaction and a zest for another phase of my life. To my amazement, my energy level increased and opportunities began opening for both of us! So if you ask me, what has changed since attending the MCC? My answer is “MY LIFE.” If you’re considering whether or not to attend a master class when offered, please stop considering and just make the plans and go! Whatever your needs are, this class will show you how to open the door and allow this great energy to work in your life.”