“I’ve attended two Red Lotus Master Consultant Classes. I found these classes to be both inspirational and informative. Katie offers her extensive knowledge of feng shui combined with her stellar success as a feng shui entrepreneur to clarify your understanding of the subject and to propel you forward in your own feng shui journey. Katie opens her own book experience and freely shares the ups and downs of her own path to success. She’ll show you how to rise above the commonplace stereotype of the feng shui consultant and inspire you to think out of the box. If you’re considering any career with feng shui, this course is a must.”

Times attended MCC: 2

– Bob VictorSussex, New Jersey

“If you’re like me, you read Katie’s newsletter every week. I liked the Red Lotus Letter because it conveys feng shui information that’s very detailed, easy to read and simple to understand. When there was an opening for MCC 2014, I was completely confident about the quality and quantity of information I’d receive, so I signed up for the MCC instead of another feng shui course.

The three biggest benefits of the class? 1) You gain great insight, knowledge, and understanding about classical feng shui; 2) There are hands-on exercises in each section; and 3) You’ll receive ready-to-use charts, checklists, and templates that you can use the day you finish the course and start working as a feng shui consultant.”

Times attended MCC: 3

– Sridevi ThyagarajanHerridon, Virginia

“When I started my feng shui business, I was lost, frankly. I had spent a lot of time and energy going to classes but once I got out of those classes, I had no idea where to begin. Enter Katie and the Red Lotus Master Consultant Conference (MCC).

I had hired Katie as a coach because when I finished a year of feng shui training, I was completely lost about how to get started. She told me exactly what I needed to do as a feng shui consultant to start my business, but she also suggested I come to her training conference.

After having gone through a full year of training, I wasn’t really sure if I need more training, but the MCC was just what I needed. The MCC was full of people just like me who were ready to take their feng shui knowledge and put it into a business. I learned so much in three days of the MCC that months in a class never prepared me for!

Best of all, Katie supports you. She supports you with information (the binder is HUGE and has a TON of examples, resources, and help), with practice (she makes you work at the conference!), and with community that’s so warm, diverse and accepting (she invites you to join a Facebook group where you have great people to connect and share with). She’s a dynamic speaker, covers all the topics, and makes the MCC so much fun and full of surprises. I’ve joined her private coaching group too. That’s how much I got out of Katie’s coaching and the MCC. If you’ve been lost and wavered about training, stop waiting and join us.”

– Susan MontalbanoHuntington, NY