“I started dreaming about becoming a feng shui consultant in 2007. In the eight years that passed I had excelled in my regular 9-5 career but had only managed to choose a business name for my true love of practicing feng shui. That all changed when I attended the 2014 MCC and got to know Katie Weber.

That was the moment I decided I would NOT let another year go by without investing in myself.

By joining Katie’s 6 Figure Feng Shui Coaching Club I knew I would be exhilarating a long term dream. In less than three months and Katie’s encouragement and wealth of experience, I am proud to say I now have a fully formed and up and running feng shui business.

Katie has been an amazing motivator and I know she’s the driving force behind the energy keeping me moving forward. I now know what it is to NOT just dream but to be living what I love!”