“When I first met Katie I had just started my own company. I believed Feng Shui is something that worked but didn’t have the tools to put it correctly into action. Taking Katie’s class ended up offering me much more than I had originally envisioned! Katie has a clear understanding and well developed strategy of teaching people how to become Feng Shui consultants. Not only did I get a complete education of Feng Shui but she incorporated a wealth of knowledge about starting your own business!

She provided insight on business best practices and the details needed to make that start-up happen. Her class included commonly used forms (as well as helpful samples), reviewed the dynamics of the consultation professional, and supplied blueprints which have been golden for me personally! I have been able to reference these items whenever needed and then change them to fit my own personal style as needed.

Katie is a brilliant, warm and caring person that shares her expertise freely. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in starting their own Feng Shui Consultant practice as well as anyone wanting to compliment the current business they are in. Both my business and home life have flourished as a direct result of her teachings.”

Times attended MCC: 4