“I had wanted feng shui training for a long time, so I compared what was being offered by the MCC course to others available in my area and online and thought the MCC offered more in a shorter period of time. I also liked the price for the amount of training you received. I knew it would be an intensive three days so I came prepared for that and I got everything out of it I expected… and more.

I liked the fact that the MCC course actually went into how to set up your business. None of the other courses I had looked into offered that. I also liked how all of the course materials were given to us on a CD. My feng shui confidence level has gone up tremendously and continues to grow. What really felt great was knowing I had all of the tools that I needed to go out and start my own feng shui business.

In fact, I’ve started my own feng shui consulting business and quit my full time job! I’d recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in becoming certified in classical feng shui.”

Times attended MCC: 3