“I started dreaming about becoming a feng shui consultant in 2007. In the eight years that passed I had excelled in my regular 9-5 career but had only managed to choose a business name for my true love of practicing feng shui. That all changed when I attended the 2014 MCC and got to know Katie Weber.

That was the moment I decided I would NOT let another year go by without investing in myself.

By joining Katie’s 6 Figure Feng Shui Coaching Club I knew I would be exhilarating a long term dream. In less than three months and Katie’s encouragement and wealth of experience, I am proud to say I now have a fully formed and up and running feng shui business.

Katie has been an amazing motivator and I know she’s the driving force behind the energy keeping me moving forward. I now know what it is to NOT just dream but to be living what I love!”

– Mariah KleinSuisun City, California

“Katie’s Red Lotus Master Consultant Course was such a wonderful and insightful experience. Your class was a turning point in my life in both my personal and business life.  I was so confident in my abilities that I lined up two consulting jobs two weeks after completing the course.

I really loved the way Katie gave us tips, shared her insights and the passion she has for her work.”

– Norma RodriguezMaster Feng Shui Consultant. Pompator, Venezuela

“I can’t say enough about this class. Katie is a wonderful instructor. Her course is jam-packed with information and she makes it all make sense. I can’t explain how deeply personal receiving my Master Consultant Certificate was. I came home with the knowledge and confidence I needed to become a Feng Shui Master Consultant.”

– Vicki Browne LopezAmerican Canyon, California

“The most amazing discovery I made when I took the Red Lotus Master Consultant Course (MCC) was that my “gut” feelings and my sense of energy flow were validated by the feng shui principles I learned from Katie! Being in the MCC was icing on the cake for me. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount of new information in a spectacular setting surrounded with delightful like-minded people, but I left with a renewed sense of direction for my business.”

– Gail AdkinsChange Magic Interior Redesign. Nashville, Tennessee

“For so many years I had interest in feng shui but never dug deep enough. When I came to the US and found out about Katie and her Red Lotus Letter I immediately signed up. I could not wait until Wednesday to get a new and always-interesting article. When I found out that Katie was creating the MCC course, I booked my tickets. I knew it was going to be great — but it was way more than that.

I met so many amazing people, and the course was full of “meaty information.” Katie organized those three days so that we all learned a lot, and had lots of fun with plenty of amazing surprises. I came to the course to learn more for myself but on the third day I realized that this art can be your business and your life — and I’m taking steps to become a successful feng shui consultant. You can’t miss this class.”

Times attended:  3

– Sabina GudauskasGreat Falls, Virginia

“When I decided to start my feng shui consulting business I did some research into luo pans and discovered that most luo pans were written in Chinese symbols. But fortunately, Katie has professional luo pans in English!

Since I bought my luo pan, I’ve used it at clients’ homes and the interest people have in it is kind of fun. First they peer over your shoulder to see and then they want to know what all the rings mean.

I also love how the flying stars are right on the compass and I don’t have to dig around for my tables. I am thrilled to have this beautiful luo pan as a tool for my new career!”

– Brenda MillerOntario, Canada

“When you sign up for the Red Lotus Master Consultant Course, you not only receive in-depth training, you also receive all the supporting documentation and templates on disk. This mean I could just ‘plug and play’ when I got home. Not having to create consulting forms from scratch or figure out how to do things all on my own is a huge bonus.

I was also impressed by Katie. She’s a fun presenter who really cares that her students get the information correct.

As a long time Feng Shui follower  and student,  Katie not only clarified a lot of information for me but also confirmed a lot more that I was uncertain about. Because of the MCC training, I was able to confidently come back and raise my prices and apply my new information immediately. Oh, and that there was wine too – that’s always a nice perk!”

– Cheryl HunterCalgary, Alberta Canada

“I thought I’d learned it all as a student of feng shui the past 20 years, but no one spells it out like Katie. Her feng shui explanations are clear and her delivery of the ‘mystical eastern’ science (which is how I see it) is in plain (Texan ) English. Classes are structured and informal; everyone is interesting and interested in each other personally as well as feng shui.

When you receive your lou pan you’ll be amazed at the power it exudes, it is a very personal instrument and when you apply it for clients it has a mesmerizing effect on all who view it. Take the leap of feng shui faith and follow the path of a truly inspirational experience!”

Times attended MCC: 4

– Lynda Mistry

“Katie makes me think of my dad when I was learning to ride a bike as a kid. I knew he was right there, either holding up my bike or running beside me and finally letting go as I learn to ride away by myself. I could hear his encouraging words and I was so excited to finally be able to ride!

Right now, I’m embarking on a new career and business in feng shui and Katie’s right there beside me, encouraging me and helping me until the day comes when I’m ready to ride off on my own. Having Katie as a teacher and a mentor who openly shares her knowledge and details and advice, helps me build my experience and confidence. She’ll be there for you, too.”

Times attended MCC: 3

– Carol Roscoe

“I had wanted feng shui training for a long time, so I compared what was being offered by the MCC course to others available in my area and online and thought the MCC offered more in a shorter period of time. I also liked the price for the amount of training you received. I knew it would be an intensive three days so I came prepared for that and I got everything out of it I expected… and more.

I liked the fact that the MCC course actually went into how to set up your business. None of the other courses I had looked into offered that. I also liked how all of the course materials were given to us on a CD. My feng shui confidence level has gone up tremendously and continues to grow. What really felt great was knowing I had all of the tools that I needed to go out and start my own feng shui business.

In fact, I’ve started my own feng shui consulting business and quit my full time job! I’d recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in becoming certified in classical feng shui.”

Times attended MCC: 3

– Jami O’ConnellSacramento, California